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You can buy a raccoon on the secondary market

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Welcome to family

You should know that in total there are 3,333 raccoons mafia at 0.05 ETH. By buying a raccoon, you  become one of us. Get ready to look for new rare attributes among the common ones. The Mafia uses   the ERC-721 token so that you can be sure of the reliability of our contract.
The Mafia never does anything for nothing!

Get ready to find 5 of the rarest Raccoon  Bosses 

They have unique traits and stand out from the rest of the raccoons. By catching one of these big fish, you will be eligible to join a special group of bosses and take part in community voting.

Unique art with the greatest rarity

Voting rights like Capo (owners of more than  10 raccoons)

Access to a special chat in Discord

Roadmap activity

Everything planned in the roadmap will be carried out after the close of the sale.


The collection will be added to Rarity Tools


5 random raccoon holders will receive 1 more token as a gift


Art challenge 
– prize 3 ETH


10 ETH will be added to the community wallet


The team will start to create an airdrop for raccoon holders

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become part of a raccoon family?

You need to mint a raccoon on our website. For this you need some ETH and metamask wallet.

What is Raccoon Mafia?

This is the Raccoon Mafia family with their own rules and laws, where everyone respects the other family  member. Family consists of 3 333 NFTs built on the Ethereum network. Each Raccoon costs 0.05 ETH.

When launch?

The exact launch date is kept secret. Follow the news on discord to become a family member.

Will there be instant reveal?

Reveal will be immediately after the sold out or after 3 days from the start of sale, if the sold out  does not take place

Raccoon’s gang

Our team consists of 6 different people, who were united by the idea of creating a  high-quality long-term  project that would be interesting for NFT collectors and mafia lovers.

MarkoMarketing manager